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Remake your dresser

Here are nine easy ways to give your dresser a makeover with just a bit of sandpaper and a lick of paint.

Bike rack shelf

We take you through the step-by-step process of creating this cool bike rack shelf

Paint techniques

For something a little different, try one of these paint techniques

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Decorating ideas for rentersHomes NZ has some great suggestions for renters who want to transform the look of their space — without offending their landlord. How to install a shade sailHere are some tips to consider when you're looking to buy and install a shade sail yourself. Build a timber deck


Timber piles 125 x 125 H5 treated Radiata Concrete, Easicrete, or cement and builder's mix Bearer: 100 x 100 H3.2 M/G No.1 Stringer: 150 x 50 H3.2 M/G No.1 Joists: 150 x 50 H3.2 M/G No.1 (@ 450mm centre to centre for 100 x 40 decking; @ 400mm centre to centre for 100 x 25 decking) Decking: 100 x 40 or 100 x 25 Griptread Nails: Galvanised 100mm and "U" shaped nails. Galvanised strap Nails: Flathead 30mm Bolts: M12 diameter galvanised or stainless steel


Hammer Sledge Hammer Stringline Spirit level/stringline spirit level Tape measure, square and pencil Spade Chisel Circular saw or handsaw Electric drill and drill bits Adjustable wrench
How to make a pin board


Softboard. (If softboard is not available, please refer to alternatives listed in Step 1 below.) Fabric (enough to cover your softboard plus 60mm around all sides.) Elastic (enough to criss-cross over your board) Staple Gun
Rustic fence bedhead


Old fence palings Sandpaper (optional) Screws Drill Length of scrap timber Hammer & nails


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