How to clean an interior stone wall

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
(Thinkstock Images)

We have a stone wall dividing the lounge from the kitchen which has over the years become very grubby how can we clean it?

Cleaning methods depend on what type of stone wall it is and the type of dirt involved, according to Dora Leonard from Stutex Stone.

If the wall is stone veneer, avoid using any harsh chemicals as this may damage the surface of the stone. If it’s just accumulated dust that’s made the wall dirty, give it a good brush down with a broom or the like, then a wash with warm water and a little dish-washing liquid. If a stone veneer gets greasy grubby, it may not be able to be cleaned as the grease will have been absorbed into the stone veneer over the years. However you could try using a medium to soft bristled brush and dish-washing liquid.

Real stone walls that have accumulated dust over the years can also be cleaned by giving the wall a good brush and a wash with warm water and dish-washing liquid.

If a real stone wall is dirty from kitchen grease, you can try a product such as Simple Green or Rutland’s Brick & Stone Cleaner. These should be available at your local hardware, Mitre 10, Placemakers or Bunnings store.

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