Advice on subdividing a property

Friday, February 15, 2013
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Question: Can you please give me an estimated cost to subdivide a 1700m2 property zoned 6A in central Auckland? What are the items that contribute to this figure? How long does it take and what specialists/consultants do you need?

Answer: Firstly every site is different, therefore the costs associated with the process to create new titles will be different in every case, says Hamish Firth, from resource management and town planning company Mt Hobson group.

To this end without an assessment of the specific property it is impossible to give an estimate as to costs. To create new titles generally there are two parts to the process; the paperwork — consents, certification and legal and survey matters and then the physical works — being matters such as drainage, driveways and power and telephone. In terms of the process an application needs to be made to the local council. This will require an assessment of the effects, a subdivision plan and any necessary reports as required for such matters as soil stability, flooding and overland flow paths. This will take 4-6 weeks to prepare. All going well Council will process this application in 4-8 weeks depending on the requirement for additional information.

Once the consent is approved it will generally be subject to conditions which usually relate to physical works and easements that will appear on the new titles. Often the works require further 'engineering' approval from Council for matters such as connecting to the public drainage system. If the subdivision is fairly straightforward these works could be completed in 3-5 months. These have to be signed off by the Council, the site has to be surveyed and confirmed in plan by the Council and then any development contributions need to be paid. Once all of this is complete the lawyers can then lodge for the new titles. This may take a further two months, including any Council certification.

For a site specific analysis on costs and timeframes we would recommend you contact a professional such as ourselves. The process requires a number of inputs, is detailed and can become derailed in terms of time frames if the process is not managed properly.

Mt Hobson Group do planning work throughout New Zealand including obtaining resource consent approval, sensitive heritage building restoration and conversions, residential and industrial land subdivisions and mixed-use developments. Visit their website

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