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Friday, January 6, 2012
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Clearing your clutter and setting up storage systems will help you to effectively  use your available space (Thinkstock)
Clearing your clutter and setting up storage systems will help you to effectively use your available space (Thinkstock)

What a mess! Are you tripping over items underfoot? How can you clear your table, organise your cupboard and make the best use of your space? Mitre 10 MEGA helps you find a storage solution.

Clearing your clutter and setting up storage systems will help you to effectively use your available space. Getting your storage solution right not only keeps your home neat and organised but it's makes a cleaner and safer environment too.

Garage Storage Solutions

The garage is usually the place to keep tools, gardening equipment, building materials, bikes, lawnmowers, tins of paint, sports gear and, increasingly in modern homes, the washer and drier too. Apart from all this you may also require room to park a vehicle! Effective storage solutions are essential in garages.

When planning storage for your garage, think about which items you use frequently (eg. the lawnmower) and which items you hardly use anymore. Aim to move all the things that you don't use very much out of the way — maybe in the roof cavity or high up on shelf units. Those items that get used regularly should be more readily accessible and easy to get at.

Group all items together that serve a similar function and store these items together.

Generally, garages have a large amount of wall space available and this is the perfect space to utilise for storage and lift items off the floor. Use brackets and shelving or storage hooks. Otherwise, pre-fabricated flat-pack shelving is easy to assemble and can create order from chaos in no time at all. See Mitre 10 MEGA's range of shelving.

Cupboards are also good as you can pack the shelves and then shut the door, keeping the garage looking neat. This could also provide a safe way to keep anything poisonous out of reach of children as you could place a child safety lock on the cupboard door. The Bettaspace range of storage solutions from Criterion Furniture come in a flat pack. Self-assembly is simple, and the results are fantastic, helping to avoid garage clutter.

Stoa Rack — Ever had a number of tangled leads, ropes or extension cords cluttering up your garage? The solution is the pivoting, wall-mounted cord holder from Stoa, which is designed to tidily store leads, as well as prevent tangling when they’re be played out and used. The holder can be removed from its wall rack, allowing the flex to be easily carried around but can also play the cord out from its wall-mounted position as you use it.

If you’ve got the space, you should think about erecting a garden shed on your property to hold garden tools such as your lawn mower, weed trimmer, wheelbarrow and other gardening utensils (spades and shovels, forks and rakes, etc).

Bedroom Storage Solutions

There are a number of specialist child’s storage racks designed to add colours and practicality to a room while, for those of slightly older age, funky cubes or shelving can create a stylish bedroom.

Tidy up the clutter of photos and momentos by using a pin board. It can help to save your walls too!

Use a wardrobe organiser to tidy a chaotic cupboard. There are a number of wardrobe organisers available to suit different sizes and budgets. Measure the width and height of the interior space of your cupboard to see which organiser would be suitable. The addition of a shoe rack helps to tidy the floor in your wardrobe.

The space under the bed is another area rarely utilised for any ‘ordered’ storage. A couple of large drawers on castors beneath the bed or low plastic storage boxes on wheels make for perfect storage units here. Wheels make them easy to slide in and out.

A couple of chests of drawers coded to your interior colours and some wall-mounted shelving add practicality and can even provide a lift to your bedroom interior if you’re adventurous enough.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Almost every bathroom has a medicine cabinet or under-vanity storage unit but, even so, the bathroom is a difficult area to keep clean and tidy.

Make sure you have sufficient space to hang damp towels. Don’t stop at just one towel rail if you have the room — add a second, and you’ll be surprised at the difference it will make. You can also use the back of the bathroom door as a space to fix clothes hooks. Alternatively, if the styling of your bathroom allows it, make a feature of the hanger and highlight it as a part of your interior decorating. See Mitre 10 MEGA's Towel & Grab Rails section for some ideas.

A stylish laundry hamper in the corner makes it easy for dirty clothes to be stored out of sight, helping to keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

Office Storage

If you spend a lot of time in your office, buy (or build) a desk that’s specifically designed for the job at hand. Space for your computer and a set of drawers under the desk can quickly transform a part-time room into a fully-functional office. Wall-mounted shelving can see files and books moved away from your work area yet still remain close enough to get to without any problems.

Also consider a storage unit to sit in a corner of your office that can hide away a number of unsightly items behind its doors. Don’t forget to add a decent-sized rubbish bin.

Storage for Living Areas

Although living areas are usually one of the first to be tidied and cleaned up, they still have a number of items that require storage, such as a television and sound system, DVDs, books and magazines or even just the decorative items and photographs you use to give your room its own special ‘feel’.

It's a good idea to select furniture for the living room that is both stylish and functional. A coffee table that lifts your decor is great, and if it has a lower shelf or a drawer, then those can serve as useful storage areas too.

Bookcases can be a feature of a room too if they're kept neat and tidy. If you’ve got heirlooms, plants, family photographs or collectibles that you want to display, consider a corner unit, wall unit or shelf.

Storage Solutions

With a bit of thought and planning, you'll be able to find the right storage solutions for the different areas of your home. If you require any help or need some more inspiration, visit your local Mitre 10 MEGA store.



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