January gardening calendar

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Mitre 10 MEGA

Our gardening calendar gives a checklist of tasks to do for each month so you can plan your garden. Find out what you should be doing in your garden in January.

Vegetable garden

•This is the time that plants are growing rapidly and it is this time that they can become water stressed, so ensure that you are watering them well — see the Mitre 10 MEGA Watering Tips Guide.

•Feed tomatoes weekly with a fast acting liquid feed such as Phostrogen Tomato food — this can be done with a watering can.

•Plant seedlings of beetroot, lettuce and carrots.

•Pinch out the side laterals of your tomatoes and ensure that they are firmly staked.

•Add a layer of compost around your vegetable garden — this will help to conserve moisture.

•Harvest courgettes as soon as ready, they grow into marrows very fast.

•Lettuce etc can still be planted to keep the salad greens going.

Flower Garden

•Prune roses lightly after flowering, keep well watered.

•Mulch through your shrub beds to help conserve soil moisture.

•Use Saturaid when planting seedlings — this ensures that the moisture you give your plants will be well used.

Fruit Garden

•Remove any fruit that has fallen to the ground, this will help keep bugs at bay.

•Spray citrus trees with Champion copper and Mavrik to control mites, if scale is present add Conqueror oil. •Keep citrus well watered this is important to the production of healthy fruit.


•Lift the mower up for the summer season this will aid in moisture conservation and helps keep the lawn greener.



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