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Monday, April 22, 2013
Mitre 10 MEGA
Mitre 10 Mega's experts reveal the secrets for keeping your outdoor furniture looking new
Mitre 10 Mega's experts reveal the secrets for keeping your outdoor furniture looking new

New Zealand conditions can be pretty harsh to outdoor furniture settings and decks. Here the experts at Mitre 10 Mega reveal the secrets for keeping your outdoor furniture looking new.

Timber furniture settings

Wood will age over time and you`ll find that the sun causes surface splitting and can change the colour of your deck and timber furniture. Usually the timber will start to grey. This process can be slowed with regular cleaning and the application of a suitable oil.

Cleaning can be done with a product like 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. Basically, you wet the surface with the product, leaving it in contact for 30 seconds and then rinse it off with a hose pipe. Voila! Your timber is clean.

To protect and enhance the timber, we recommend a regular application of a timber furniture oil or stain. One option is Cabots Deck and Furniture Oil and another is Forestwood Deck and Furniture Oil. Ask at your local Mitre 10 Mega store for other suitable treatments.

If you have a new kwila outdoor furniture setting, you can expect bleeding of the sap and unfortunately this can stain a deck or patio surface. This will take five to six wet and drying processes to cease.

You can stand your kwila table and chairs on pieces of cardboard to protect your deck until you feel that the bleeding process has stopped.


To ensure long life, it is essential that you protect and clean the fabrics on your outdoor furniture cushions or the textilene chairs. When the furniture is not in use, remove and store cushions in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Textilene and canvas chairs should also be stored out of direct sunlight to protect them from fading.

Metal furniture settings

The range of aluminium outdoor furniture settings from Mitre 10 Mega offer all the benefits of the material — they resist rust and they are light, allowing for easy storage over the winter.

Steel outdoor furniture settings provide a very affordable option but of course steel may rust over time if it is not maintained. To prevent rust from setting in, it is a good idea to store the settings away over winter. Many steel settings fold, which makes storage easier.

Check out Mitre 10 Mega’s range of outdoor furniture settings.



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